Monthly Archives: March 2014
  • Cancer survival

    We underwriters tend not to look back too much at how the outlook for the various medical conditions we deal with has changed over the years.

  • Underwriting engines: your choice

    There is sustained interest in underwriting engines, and rightly so because they are in many ways the future of underwriting. Not entirely, for there are and will continue to be risks and situations that engines cannot handle, but automation is the way the game is headed, not just in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and increasingly North America but in parts of South-East Asia too. Continental Europe remains
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  • E-cigarettes – no smoke without fire?

    These days, admitting you’re a smoker is like it would have been declaring you’re gay 15 years ago. People almost recoil, wonder how you could do that and say to their friends that they always had their suspicions anyway. However, now a smoker can become less of a pariah by switching to electronic (e-) cigarettes – demonstrating that almost everything is ‘e’ these days (or maybe ‘i’ if you are
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