Monthly Archives: December 2014
  • Data – including the big stuff

    ‘Big data’ is still a buzzword but if data isn’t on your radar it ought to be. In our digital world, data is key to running a successful business, especially if you deal with individual consumers. Indeed, some firms make data their business, acquiring it, analyzing it, interpreting it and selling it to your business – and maybe helping you apply it to what you do. Twitter’s core activity is
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  • Claims – will Cinderella ever get to the ball?

    A session on claims at the Canadian Reinsurance Conference held in Toronto earlier this year was a neat reminder of the technology gap between underwriting and claims. Increasingly underwriting is underpinned by technology. E-apps and underwriting engines combine a speedy, efficient process with the generation of valuable management information. Claims, on the other hand, still involve a lot of paper and relatively little support by systems.   David Nicolai of
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  • The perils of foreign travel

    Earlier this year a major UK tour operator was ‘forcibly’ repatriating customers who had been enjoying a vacation in Kenya and cancelling all scheduled vacations to the area until 31 October. This was in response to a ‘travel advisory’ from the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office relating to a high threat of terrorist action by the Muslim extremist group Al-Shabaab.   There is maybe a question mark over whether
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