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Our Reports

Our reports on claims and underwriting engines was published in late 2011 and early 2012 but both are still ahead of their time.

Click here for a table of contents for the claims report and here for one on the underwriting engines report.

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Modern, efficient processes

Service is a key form of competitive advantage – one that rivals can’t easily replicate.


The new business process is vitally important: it is the foundation of the customer relationship and it has to work for intermediaries and other stakeholders as well. Along with paying claims quickly and without fuss, it’s what an insurer’s reputation depends on.


Is the journey quick, simple, with as few steps as possible? How much does it cost? Are individual risks selected, assessed and priced soundly? Is operational risk managed effectively? Is the process working for the business?


We offer a unique blend of technical and process expertise, and our ability to innovate helps you stay more than just a step ahead of your competitors. And we don’t just stop at advice and design: we can help you implement change – on time, on budget and at low risk.



  • New business healthcheck

    The new business process needs efficiently to combine great service and sound risk selection. How good is yours? Our new business healthcheck can help you find out. Contact us now

  • Underwriting engines

    An underwriting engine is an essential part of a modern new business process. And no-one knows more about them than we do. We can help you refine and optimise, even create a knowledge base from scratch. Contact us now

  • Audits

    Auditing performance is a routine necessity of good business management.