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Our Reports

Our reports on claims and underwriting engines was published in late 2011 and early 2012 but both are still ahead of their time.

Click here for a table of contents for the claims report and here for one on the underwriting engines report.

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Auditing performance is a routine necessity of good business management.


Where underwriting is concerned, how good are quality and accuracy? Is basic philosophy consistently applied in practice? Are procedures and processes being adhered to?


But that is only half the picture. Performance auditing demonstrates quality to stakeholders in the business, and can highlight other issues, such as the need for improved processes, new programmes of training and CPD, and adjustment of core philosophy.


And don’t forget your underwriting engine. We can audit that too, from decision-making through us of management information to maintenance and development programme.


You might do your own internal auditing, but there is nothing like an independent, unbiased opinion to ensure you are judging against the right standards.


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