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Our Reports

Our reports on claims and underwriting engines was published in late 2011 and early 2012 but both are still ahead of their time.

Click here for a table of contents for the claims report and here for one on the underwriting engines report.

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Underwriting engines

No-one knows more about underwriting engines than SelectX.


An underwriting engine is an essential part of a modern new business process. Engines score powerfully on many levels. They:

  • Improve service by speeding up the underwriting process
  • Improve disclosure by ensuring the relevant risk information is captured
  • Ensure that underwriting philosophy is applied consistently
  • Provide the sort of management information that underwriting managers once only dreamed about. 


If your business involves underwriting you need SelectX’s expertise on automated underwriting:

  • To apply engine technology in an optimal way; don’t risk your business under-performing
  • In engine selection; we know the products available and their strengths and weaknesses, and can help you choose the product that best meets your requirements
  • In engine optimisation, either customisation for new installations or improvement of existing ones; remember, these tools need commitment to an ongoing programme of development and refinement to yield their true potential
  • To create the ‘underwriting intelligence’ inside an engine – we can create the entire knowledge base from scratch; crucial if you are a software supplier or an insurer buying an ‘empty’ engine. 


We know what works… and what doesn’t.


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