• Country subsidiary of global insurer

    Feeling that its service could be improved and that it was not making best use of its resources, the insurer asked us to conduct an initial review of its underwriting process and report back. Subsequent phases saw us undertaking deeper analyses, as a result of which the company has restructured its underwriting unit, made more effective use of its underwriting engine and improved its gathering and use of management information.

    It is now seeing material benefits, including improvement in its technical underwriting and better service to its customers and intermediaries.

  • Regional reinsurer

    Deciding that it needed to add an underwriting manual to its service offering, this reinsurer opted for RiskApps. It now has a comprehensive manual for its own and its clients’ use. Moreover, it was available online within a matter of weeks (as opposed to months or even years) after deciding to proceed.

  • Direct-to-consumer term insurance

    This was the first fully on-line protection proposition, devised by a multi-line broker and distributor. Working with our client, the insurer, the reinsurer and the technology provider, we created the knowledge base for the engine that underpinned the application process, resulting in a set of rules that efficiently triaged risk and reflected the agreed underwriting philosophy.

  • Major insurer in South-East Asia

    Our client, with a number of operations across the region, wanted to improve its automated underwriting capability. We helped it create a shortlist of suitable engines and modelled the benefits the new capability would have on costs and service across a range of channels.

  • International reinsurer

    This reinsurer took the decision to create a complete new on-line underwriting manual. SelectX provided all the content – guidelines for over 400 medical topics plus occupations, sports/pastimes, travel/residence and financial underwriting; aso a number of calculators.

    SelectX’s unique capability enabled the company to launch its manual much earlier than would otherwise have been possible, and without diverting its precious resources from other important tasks.

  • Major insurer in Turkey

    This insurer wanted to shift its position in the healthcare market by introducing a new design of policy. It commissioned SelectX to review its existing underwriting philosophy and to make substantial revisions to suit the new product. The project also included a re-design of the application form.

  • Small mutual insurer in the UK

    Conscious that its underwriting process was entirely non-automated, this company commissioned us to assess the feasibility of introducing an engine. We advised on possible solutions and modelled several scenarios, enabling the firm to make strategic decisions about its handling of new business cases.

  • Major insurer in Ireland

    Faced with a disputed death claim that was going to trial, this insurer asked us to provide an expert witness statement. Our detailed report, delivered promptly, described clearly for the court the underwriting issues of the case, which involved non-disclosure of material facts.

  • Service provider in Portugal

    The firm commissioned us to assess how tele-interviewing could be applied to its business. We helped it select a technology partner and advised on where new risk triage processes could most benefit its clients. In a further project we created a healthcare insurance underwriting philosophy.

  • Actuarial consulting firm in the UK

    This major consultancy firm contracted SelectX to provide medical underwriting expertise for a project evaluating an impaired annuity portfolio; its client was a major annuity provider. Our specialist input enabled the firm to prepare an authoritative report on likely future trends affecting key medical impairments and their impact on longevity experience in the years ahead.

  • South American reinsurer

    We were asked by this company to evaluate a tele-interviewing operation. We reviewed relevant documentation, tele-interview scripts and proposed service agreements, and via a site visit assessed the set-up in terms of call quality, service capability, data security, etc.

    We enabled our client to accept with confidence cases on which the risk information is gathered via the telephone instead of the traditional application form.