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We deal with all aspects of life and disability underwriting.

Complementing the core offerings below, we advise on underwriting philosophy, application form design, evidence requirements, tele-interviewing and all the other things that make for a quality underwriting operation.

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Underwriting engines and processes

The new business process is vitally important: it is the foundation of the customer relationship and it has to work for intermediaries and other stakeholders as well. Along with paying claims quickly and without fuss, it’s what an insurer’s reputation depends on.

So, is your customer journey quick, simple, with as few steps as possible? How much does it cost? Are individual risks selected, assessed and priced soundly? Is operational risk managed effectively? Is the process working for the business?

Service is a key form of competitive advantage – one that rivals can’t easily replicate.

We offer a unique blend of technical and process expertise, and our ability to innovate helps you stay more than just a step ahead of your competitors.

Underwriting engines

We have long experience of working with underwriting engines and have created complete rule sets – the ‘underwriting intelligence’ – for insurers, reinsurers and software providers.

Engines are a vital part of a streamlined, efficient new business process. On-line application means speed and convenience for customers and intermediaries. For insurers automated underwriting means efficiency, but the biggest gain is the accumulation of data: analysing that can help you improve your business.

This is a fast-moving world. There will be more emphasis on data from external sources augmentation of risk assessment via machine learning and artificial intelligence. SelectX can guide you through the complete underwriting engine cycle – selection, customisation, implementation, review and renewal – and into the future. And we have a ‘generic’ rule-set, ready and waiting to go into your engine, to speed the process up even more.

Strategic engine review

Are you getting the most from your underwriting engine? Our Strategic Engine Review takes an in-depth independent look at how an engine is performing.

We examine everything from rules effectiveness the way you use data. Identify scope for improvement, increase your straight-through processing rate and make rapid progress towards optimisation.

Find out more here.

New business healthcheck

How efficient is your new business process? Is your underwriting engine performing optimally? Is quality as consistent as it needs to be? Is your service as good as it should be?

We can help you answer these, and many more questions. Our ‘layered’ approach starts with identifying issues at high level and then undertaking a progressively more detailed examination. You can decide the depth of our analysis depending on your requirements. We can look at all the ingredients of a sound operation – including speed of service, quality of risk assessment, underwriter performance, engine performance and use of management information – from quotation to underwriting decision. Having identified the strengths as well as the pain-points we can help you implement change as required to drive up speed, efficiency and quality and to drive down costs.

Contact us for more information.

Underwriting audits

Auditing performance is a routine necessity of good business management.

Where underwriting is concerned, how good are quality and accuracy? Is basic philosophy consistently applied in practice? Are procedures and processes being adhered to?

But that is only half the picture. Performance auditing demonstrates quality to stakeholders in the business, and can highlight other issues, such as the need for improved processes, new programmes of training and CPD, and adjustment of core philosophy.

You might do your own internal auditing, but there is nothing like an independent, unbiased opinion to ensure you are judging against the right standards.

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Underwriting manuals

Underwriting manuals are one of the cornerstones of risk management.

They reflect the philosophy that underpins risk pricing and that forms an important part of the proposition to consumers. And they make for quality and consistency by guiding technical staff in their decision-making.

Manuals are never-ending projects because the environment they work in is constantly changing: the significance and magnitude of risks, new statistical information, regulation and technology. They are a source of competitive advantage, so having a strategy and keeping them fresh and up to date are vital.

We are serious about evidence-based research, having conducted many investigations over the years. We have our own consulting medical officer and we access actuarial resource as appropriate.

SelectX’s experience in creating and maintaining underwriting manuals can’t be beaten. We can deliver in two ways: our RiskApps, SaaS product or via a project tailored specifically for you.

Tailored manual projects

Need an underwriting manual solution that requires a carefully tailored approach? Maybe the creation of bespoke content, selective updating and/or evidence-based rating research? We can also review your manual to assess how it compares with competitors’ offering.



RiskApps is a complete underwriting manual which we provide as ‘software as a service’ (SaaS). We host it and it’s ready for you to use. It’s as simple as that.

“RiskApps is as professional and comprehensive an underwriting manual as you would expect to receive from any of the top American or European A-rated reinsurers. It’s easy to use with great content, and IT support has been impressive.” (Regional reinsurer)

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Expert witness

SelectX has plenty of experience in expert witness work relating to life and disability underwriting.

Our background of senior underwriting positions and our strong reputation mean that our credentials are impeccable. No-one understands underwriting – and the issues that can arise from it – better than we do.

Our reports have been praised for their clarity and insight and for addressing every detail relevant to the case. Whether the matter concerns life assurance, critical illness or disability insurance, SelectX provides the expert witness input you require.