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RiskApps is an online underwriting manual providing underwriters with rating guidelines for life, critical illness and disability covers. The only independent manual world-wide and produced by SelectX in partnership with software experts MML Solutions, it has rivalled the manuals historically produced by the major reinsurers in terms of scope, quality of guidance and functionality.

Now RiskApps is leaping ahead. Taking advantage of the latest development technology, it is being re-platformed in order to deliver major benefits to users and to enable quicker and easier ongoing product development. The re-design includes a brand-new look with space optimisation that makes navigation easier and reduces the need for scrolling.

Still to come is a revolutionary new way of presenting complex rating schedules that delivers strong clarity and enables users to get to the guidance required in far fewer steps. The new format will not only speed up case assessment but also reduce opportunity for error.

SelectX director Peter Maynard says: “This upgrade puts RiskApps firmly up there with the market leaders, not only for quality of the guidelines but also for design and functionality. RiskApps is now an even more competitive alternative to the manuals produced by reinsurers.”

Co-director Gary Bundock says: “Our vision for RiskApps is a tool that can be delivered as an API*, enabling deep integration with other technology solutions in the underwriting arena such as automated systems, workbenches and administration tools. Our work will provide the basis for initiating machine learning for rating cases and determining underwriting philosophy.”


Notes for editors

RiskApps is a modular online underwriting manual that is delivered on a subscription basis. The service, which has clients on five continents, has rating guidance derived from a sizeable evidence base for a comprehensive range of medical, occupation, sports/pastime and travel/residence risks.

As would be expected from a top-flight manual, RiskApps features a number of rating calculators and functionality that allows easy navigation and customisation to client and individual user needs. Clients receive regular updates as risks change or new information becomes available, as well as upgrades to functionality.

*API: application programming interface; a mechanism that enables two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols.