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… not in the course of business but in Peter Maynard’s life outside SelectX as a train driver. Peter works as a volunteer driver of steam (and diesel) locomotives on two ‘heritage’ railways – there are many such lines in the UK which aim to recreate the railway travelling experience of decades ago, and especially the atmosphere and special charm of steam power.

On 16 August, the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, visited various places during a tour of the East Midlands. One such was the Great Central Railway, whose headquarters are at Loughborough. Peter says “I was warned that we were expecting a VIP on the second train of the day, and that it was likely to be the Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak arrived at Loughborough and spoke with staff there before travelling on my train to the next station, Quorn & Woodhouse, where he and his entourage alighted to continue their itinerary.

“He had to pass my locomotive on his way out of the station and stopped for a chat about what a super attraction the Great Central Railway is and how it contributes a great deal to the local economy and community.”

Two other photographs of the occasion can be found here: