Monthly Archives: November 2012
  • Underwriting audits in the modern world

    Auditing performance is a routine necessity of good business management. Where underwriting and claims functions are concerned, how good are quality and accuracy? Is basic philosophy applied in practice? Are procedures and processes being adhered to? Are outsource suppliers meeting the required standards? And internal staff too?   But that is only half the picture. Performance auditing demonstrates quality to stakeholders in and associated with the business, and can highlight
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  • 200 years of cancer research

    This year the New England Journal of Medicine published one of a series of articles marking its 200 year anniversary. Entitled ‘Two hundred Years of Cancer Research’, the article is a useful reminder of just how far the understanding and treatment of cancer have come, not just in 200 years but in recent years as well.   In almost the first 100 years of the NEJM’s existence physicians could do
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