Monthly Archives: February 2016
  • Is the tail now wagging the dog?

    Maybe this is a sign of how far rules engines have come.   Historically an insurer’s underwriting philosophy was documented in an underwriting manual, provided by a reinsurer or produced by the company itself. Sometimes the reinsurer’s philosophy would be supplemented by variations drawn up by the insurer and stored on the underwriting intranet or on paper memos.   Then underwriting engines came along and the job began of producing
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  • On the cusp of a revolution?

    The process of life and disability underwriting varies from market to market. Those variations as they exist today have been driven by the prevalence of risk factors and the availability of reliable risk information, and not a little by history and culture (of consumers and of the industry itself) too. That differences in practice and process will persist is certain, as is that markets will develop at varying pace.  
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