Monthly Archives: January 2013
  • Underwriting smoking

    We were musing the other day about how to deal with smoking, pondering matters like:   If an applicant says he or she smokes x cigarettes a day, can you believe that? How do you deal with cigar and pipe smoking? Should you ask about inhaling? How much does size of cigar count – for example cheroot or cigarillo versus fat Romeo y Julieta? What about ‘rolling your own’ (possibly
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  • The best underwriting process in the world?

    Nowhere in the world is the underwriting process as sophisticated as it is in North America. Nowhere else are underwriting decisions based:   So frequently on laboratory analysis of blood, urine and oral fluid Routinely on modern assays such NT pro-BNP On MIB information – the MIB is unique, certainly as regards the level and detail of information On MVR information – these databases are unique On Rx databases –
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